Industrial Alert System

The chemical production companies Kraton and Dupont operate the IAS. There are 3 rotating outdoor warning sirens located in the City of Belpre for the IAS.

How the System Works

The IAS is activated by either Dupont or Kraton when there is a leak or other emergency that citizens need to be made aware of. Once activated, the siren will sound for 6 minutes. You can tell the difference between the IAS and the Belpre Emergency Warning System because the IAS is on a rotating speaker so the sound will get louder and softer during activation depending on the direction of the speaker.

What to Do Upon the IAS Activation

Seek shelter and monitor local television and radio stations for the most up-to-date information and instructions.

Monthly Testing

The IAS is tested every month on the first Saturday of the month at noon. Once activated, the siren will sound for 3 minutes.

It is against the law to tamper with or damage a siren (ORC 5502.37C). Anyone caught tampering with a siren will be aggressively prosecuted and penalized accordingly (ORC 5502.99C). To report an inoperative siren, call (740)-423-7631, 24 hours a day.

715 Park Drive
PO Box 160
Belpre, Ohio 45714
(740) 423-7631
For emergencies always dial 911.
Information Hotline: (740) 423-7631
Clerk/Records/Tickets:(740) 423-4099

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