Services that the Belpre Police Department offers are as follows:

Group Tours

The Belpre Police Department, located at 715 Park Drive, is available for touring for youngsters and seniors alike. Built in 1999, the facility features a state-of-the-art communications center, temporary holding facility and departmental offices and interview areas. Tours are scheduled through the Division of Police by calling the communication Center at 740-423-7631. Please, when scheduling, attempt to allow seven days advance notice of a tour request when possible.

Fingerprinting Services

The Belpre Division of Police provides fingerprinting services (though NOT electronic AFIS-type printing). Times are set during normal business hours for fingerprinting. These times are: Mon thru Fri / 8:30am-845am & 2:30pm-2:45pm. The Belpre Division of Police does NOT provide fingerprinting services for concealed carry permits. CCW permits fingerprinting must be done at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office located in Marietta, OH. The Belpre Division of Police does not supply fingerprint cards for the various civilian applicants. Fingerprint cards for civilian purposes are the responsibility of the civilian employer or governmental/social agency requesting the fingerprints be taken. There is a fee for this process of $10.00 per fingerprint card. Once the card is complete it will be returned to you and you may take it to the requesting agency/employer for their processing.

Security Surveys

Officers will visit homes and businesses and provide tips on how to better secure your premises. An officer will walk through your dwelling and check items such as window and door locks. He/she will make recommendations regarding lighting and landscaping that could help deter a criminal. To schedule a survey, call 740-423-7631.

Speakers Services

The Belpre PD offers complimentary speakers on a variety of law enforcement topics including personal safety, home security and legal issues. In addition to providing speaker services, the division can provide relevant articles on crime prevention or other law enforcement matters to your organization.

Vacation House Watch

Inform the Division of Police when you will be away from your home for more than three days by calling 740-423-7631 with the following information:

  • Your address, last name and home telephone number
  • The starting and ending dates of your absence from home
  • The name of the alarm system company, if one is installed in your home
  • Which lights will be left on, which lights are on timers and where the timers are located in the residence
  • Whether or not you will leave televisions or radios playing inside your home
  • Names of any persons you have authorized to be on the premises
  • Any vehicles that will be left on the premises
  • Call the Division of Police when you arrive home

Stop the delivery of newspapers and mail while you are away and ask someone to collect those items which continue to be delivered to your doorstep. You may also want to inform a trusted neighbor. If you are away for more than 30 days, you should call or make arrangements to notify the Division of Police again.

Vehicle Lockout Assistance

The Belpre Police does not currently respond to such calls unless it is a life-threatening scenario necessitating emergency action. Should you accidentally lock your keys in a vehicle, you can call the Communications Center at 740-423-7631 and we shall provide you with information of wrecker companies or locksmiths in the area that you may choose to assist you.

715 Park Drive
PO Box 160
Belpre, Ohio 45714
(740) 423-7631
For emergencies always dial 911.
Information Hotline: (740) 423-7631
Clerk/Records/Tickets:(740) 423-4099

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